Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

At Insight Assurance, our trained risk management professionals offer a plethora of governance risk and compliance services stemming from third party risk management, enterprise information technology risk management, virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services, to IT policy and procedure creation.


What is Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)?

Many organizations face the challenge of not having appropriate governance risk and compliance practices, which end up hurting the organization in the long run. To preserve customer and strengthen stakeholder confidence, sound governance, risk, and compliance practices are key.

Setting the tone at the top of your organization is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. With our assistance, your organization will have all the right tools to ensure it is successful.


Key benefits of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Helping in IT and business strategy alignment.

Facilitating IT strategic planning.

Facilitating conversion of strategic goals into IT projects.

Assisting in project management.

Helping in compliance and governance.

Managing IT risk.


How It Works

Let’s dive into the type of governance, risk, and compliance services that Insight Assurance offers. From a governance, risk, and compliance perspective, it is vital for your organization to understand what services you need, and which ones will be beneficial to take your organization to the next level.

Is your organization having trouble with vendor management? Or is your organization having trouble with managing IT risks? Or is your organization new to the world of governance risk and compliance and just needs advice on where to start?

Here is a high-level overview of the services Insight Assurance offers:

Vendor or Third-Party Risk Management aims to help an organization manage its vendor or third-party programs. Whether it's managing the annual compliance and security requirements of vendors and third parties or performing due diligence on vendors and third parties, Insight Assurance can assist you with all these needs.

With our vCISO service offerings, we use our expertise to help organizations with developing and managing the implementation of their information security program. Utilizing our vCISO services, we will help architect your organization’s security strategy and drive security initiatives.


Our IT risk management services help organizations identify various events or incidents that may compromise your IT environment in some way and that can cause adverse impacts on the organization's business processes or mission.


Strong IT policies and procedures help set the tone across the organization. It shows management is committed to compliance and having sound processes. Our highly trained experts can create suites of IT policies customized for your organization to help set the tone while meeting all your compliance and regulatory goals.

Why Insight Assurance?

• Founded and operated by former Big 4 professionals (Ernst & Young)
• Tailored audit approach
• Leadership involvement in every step of the audit
• 98.5% client retention rate with over 500 engagements completed
• Superior Communication
• Use of compliance automation tools

Ready to get your governance, risk, and compliance journey started?


Contact us today and we can walk you through the service offerings mentioned above and those not mentioned, such as conducting tabletop exercises, disaster recovery exercises, incident management exercises, etc.

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